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Almost Christmas. A very special moment for me because at midnight on December 24th the time of the 'Twelfth Night' are starting. It’s a time of silence and reflection. These twelve nights symbolise the next twelve months of 2018.

For example the first night starts at midnight on December 24th and ends at midnight on December 25th and this night stands for January 2018.

12.25. - 12.26. = February

12.26. - 12.27. = March

… and so on. The last night is on January 4th until January 5th and stands for December 2018.

How to prepare

  • smudge and clean your home (f.ex. with myrrh and/or tonka beans)

  • prepare a notebook (you need to write everything in your notebook that happens in these days and nights)

  • let go of the old year and prepare for the new. Bless the new year and plant your seeds.

How to live the Twelfth Night

  • be aware of your day and write everything in your notebook, f.ex. with the following questions:

  1. how was the weather

  2. who were you with today (people, animals, etc)

  3. what was positive?

  4. what was negative?

  5. how did I feel?

  6. how did I sleep?

  • be aware of your nights and dreams - best to have paper and pen ready on your night stand and as soon as you wake up write everything down that you can remember

How to end

  • whats your philosophy for the next year?

  • bless your next year again and enjoy a wonderful 2018

Wherever you are on this beautiful planet I wish you a wonderful Xmas with your beloved ones and especially a peaceful time to recharge and to let go of the old and prepare for the new blessed year.

Love and Peace,


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