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My Beauty Drink

Did your parents or grandparents had this saying: "Beauty and Health comes from the inside?"

And you were thinking and secretly rolling your eyes: "Yeah, I don't believe you." Well, today I do. I became a huge fan of rosemary during my time as a crazy-frequent-flyer-model. I spent most of my days at the studio, airport or on a plane. I needed more than just a good moisturiser. Then I found my herb guru Madam Juliette de Baraicli. She said: “The Gypsies valued rosemary as a cure-all for the ills of mankind and as a general beautifier for women. They also hung sprigs of rosemary in their vans as a protection against evil forces and prevent nightmares for infants and children. – Who doesn't like that :) It is even good for nursing mothers, carrying the values of this herb through the milk flow to the feeding infant. “ My little one, Gion Luis likes it too! Aaaand it is good for your heart, good for your brain, good for your blood circulation… and so much more… The best part: It is so easy to get. Rosemary is one of the most commonly found herbs in a spice rack. There you go. You have your own beauty and health friend so close to you.

And lets not forget the beautiful roses. According to the ayurvedic texts, it is not a coincidence that the rose is associated with the romance, because it balances Sadhaka Pitta, the subdosha of Pitta that governs your emotions and their effect on your heart.   The Rose is cooling, yet it enhances your agni, the digestive fire. This is a unique quality which makes it balancing for all of your three doshas.


  • 1 liter springwater or sparkling water (I prefer sparkling for the summer)

  • 2 sprigs of rosemary

  • 1 rose (the leaves)

  • agave (optional, it depends if you want it sweet)

  • 1 Lemon

  • ice cubes

So enjoy the beautiful magic from the nature and let’s stay cool (if the weather stays like this).

Love and Peace Paddy

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