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New York - ten years ago in a Yoga lesson: I was surrounded by beautiful yogis. They were talking about this book: ‘The power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle. I was listening, smiling and thinking: ‘what the F*** are you talking about the now?! we are living now.. why make such a big fuss about it?!’ *greenhorn alert*

Well the next few days after that yoga lesson I realised how unconsciously I walk through my life: I usually compared everything with the past or I was dreaming about the future. Wow! I really was never in the present.

Do you know what I am talking about? Are you like me in your head? Dreaming about the future? Or comparing everything in the past?

After that amazing realisation I had to find out how to practise to live now.

I asked my friends how they can live in the now - Consciously.

So here I’d love to share with you the easiest exercise that helps me to be now today:

Step by step exercise

1. close your eyes 2. breathe deeply 3. focus your feet and toes and breathe in, when you breathe out let go of your feet 4. the same with your ankles 5. your calves 6. knees 7. thighs 8. pelvis 9. belly and lower back 10. bust and upper back 11. arms 12. hands and fingers 13. neck 14. chin, tongue and mouth 15. eyes, nose and ears 16. forehead and scalp

You breathe into all your body parts, consciously and when you breathe out you let each body part go. Try to focus on each part of your body.

In the beginning this Now-exercise takes a while. After a few times of training you will be through within two minutes. And don't forget: practise makes perfect.

I hope you will enjoy this exercise as much as I do (it’s very calming too). Enjoy!

When you have time read the following book, which is incredible: ’The power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle.

Love and Peace Paddy

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