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On Januar 25th we welcomed our baby girl Madalena Luzia. It was a wonderful journey with her and we had a very easy and fast birth of our daughter at home.

Every day I am grateful for this wonderful decision and that everything went so well. 

Now that my days are full for my kids and work and no ‘me’ time I get a bit grumpy sometimes. Especially when I am tired I have less patience and it is much easier for me to blame my partner or everyone else. Do you know that feeling too?

I talked to my kinesiologist about that and she lend me this book:

Giraffentango by Serena Rust.

Lately so many friends approached me about this issue that I need to share with you this book. An incredible book about how you can express yourself without hurting your counterpart.

You learn how to communicate on an other level. No more hurting or blaming anyone. Real communication: Authentic and from your heart. Doesn’t that sound good?

The original technique comes from Marshall B. Rosenberg and his book is called: Nonviolent Communication - A Language of Life.

He teaches his technique all over the world.

Let’s start a compassionate-communication-ripple-effect. I think we deserve a more peaceful life with less drama.

Happy Ascension Day.

Love and Peace,


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