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Do you know these days when you are angry at anything? Or when anything is just wrong? Over the past 10 years I learned a great and easy tool: THE GRATITUDE TOOL Whenever you recognise that you are in this shitty state of mind write a minimum of 3 things on paper that you are grateful for (or you can even think of it when you don't have a paper and pen with you). It could be something very simple like: “I am grateful for the beautiful weather” or something deeper like one I often use: “I am grateful for my happy and healthy boy” … Whatever you can think of that you are thankful for. You will see and especially feel how fast your energy shifts and how fast you forget your negative state. And remember: You are the ONE who decides how long you want to stay in this negative circle. I hope you like this tool. It’s one of my favourite. Enjoy and happy day. Love and Peace Paddy

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