M O D E L  .  M A M A  .  H E A L T H  C O A C H

13 years ago I left the beautiful ‘postcard’ Switzerland and went off to be a Model in Milan. After a year in the fashion industry I’ve got discovered by the one and only Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld. Through them and my agencies I’ve learned so much and call these experiences the „School of life“. In this period I could travel the world, meet many different cultures, got to know their foods and traditions. After 5 years of travelling like a ‘headless chicken’ I had no more energy. I was eating a poor diet, was mostly too fat for the clients, my hormones were confused from all the sugar, I was annoyed and annoying and had pain all over my body. So I knew, I needed a break to nourish my soul and prevent my body from illnesses.


I became a light channel healer (taught by the founder Trudi Thali in Vitznau, Switzerland), did my first mediumship course and bachflower course in NYC. During this break I got the chance to meet the last Dr. James D’Adamo. He helped me with a diet accordingly to my bloodtype to become a healthy human on mother earth. Two years later, I slowly got back into the fashion business and since then enjoy myself working with amazing, talented and creative people.

Next to my job as a mannequin I chose to learn more about health and nutrition and studied at the IIN school (Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Nutrition & Holistic Health School) in NYC which I completed in Summer 2015.

It also happened to be that I became the first time mother of a wonderful, healthy and very charming boy, Gion Luis in 2015. I chose to give birth in an anthroposophical hospital in Richterswil, Switzerland. It was important for us to have a natural pregnancy and birth. Since then I am enjoying a new adventure of life and I want to share with you, with this blog, what I’ve learned over these years and especially HOW to apply this magic in daily life.

Enjoy the fantastic path, my dear earth companions...

- Love, Paddy

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